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New Parcel2Go API

We've created a brand new API available at www.parcel2go.com/api . It has all the features of the current API and more, including drop shops, Labels and OAUTH. We'll keep supporting this API until we can migrate the majority of our API customers. However, it won't see any new features so we advise that for any new integration you use the new API.

Parcel2Go API Documentation

This site describes the Parcel2Go API and provides integration examples.

The Parcel2Go API is implemented as a set of SOAP services. These services can be consumed by clients written in any language and on any platform, as long as they are capable of talking to the web. Most languages include a SOAP client library that make using services like the Parcel2Go API very simple.


How to apply for an API key

To apply for an API key, please fill in the form located at: https://www.parcel2go.com/MyParcelArea/Integration/Default.aspx
Once completed, this application will begin the approval process for your very own API key.

What billing options are available

Currently there are three possible choices for billing using the API. These are specified using the PaymentMethod object.

Do Not Pay
The do not pay option will create an unpaid order, a link is provided on a successful booking which can be used to pay for this order manually through our website. NB: The OrderDetailUrl property of BookCollectionResponse returns the order confirmation URL.

Stored Card
An API key is linked to a customer account with Parcel2Go, a credit/debit card can be stored through us on a system at Chase Paymentech, it can then be used to pay for API transactions. To use this payment method, you must give the stored card name as a reference.

Our PrePay scheme allows customers to pay for pre-paid credit which can be used to instantly purchase services through our website. Once topped up, the PrePay account tied to the API key can be used to pay for API transactions. More information on PrePay can be found at: https://www.parcel2go.com/What-Is-PrePay.aspx

How it works

The Parcel2Go API works by exposing specific methods via a web service, these can be used to request information and responses are given containing the specific information.
These methods tie directly into our parcel delivery systems which handle all the billing and courier system integration, which means you can interface with many different courier options through a single process.
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